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Self Help For Anxiety

An anxiety attack (or panic attack) is a very frightening feeling that millions of people worldwide suffer from every day. These anxiety attacks often result in the sufferer having difficulty breathing, being dizzy or lightheaded and having a pounding heart rate. Many people will end up in the emergency room after mistaking these very real symptoms with that of a heart attack or other serious condition. There are lots of triggers for an anxiety attack with everybody having their own unique triggers, what may seem perfectly normal for one person can send another into a full blown anxiety attack.

Anxiety is something everybody will experience from time to time, it is the normal response to things we see as threatening. Anxiety at certain levels can be helpful and necessary to help us cope in certain situations. Anxiety becomes a problem for us when the symptoms are severe, go on for too long and when it stops us doing what we want to do. Following many years of research there are now available various techniques that can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and even put an end to your suffering. Self Help For Anxiety aims to make this information available to you.

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