Anxiety Treatments

There are many reasons that anxiety and panic attacks occur but there are  also many things you can do to cure anxiety and panic attacks and take back  control of your life so you can live everyday to the full without the worry and  fear associated with anxiety and panic.

Changes in Lifestyle.

If you know what triggers your anxiety and panic then you can work on  changing your lifestyle which in turn will eliminate your original triggers.  This is not an easy accomplishment but if you are determined to conquer your  anxiety it will go a long way to helping you regain control of your life. Common  triggers are a poor sleep cycle, too much coffee drinking, chain smoking,  unhealthy eating. All these can be removed with lifestyle changes. Other factors  to be considered are family history, if a mother, father, brother or sister have  suffered from anxiety and panic disorder then there is an increased chance that  you may too succumb to the condition. However this does not mean that you cannot  overcome your anxiety with the right lifestyle changes and treatment.

Medical Intervention.

Taking drugs to help you deal with your anxiety should be considered if all  other approaches have failed. If you feel you would benefit from medication then  talk it through with your family / spouse and take the advice of your family  doctor as he/she has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you decide  on the right course of anti-anxiety drugs.

Therapy as a Cure or Coping mechanism.

Talking about your anxiety with a qualified therapist can help to get to the  root cause of your disorder and in turn help you control your anxiety in such a  way so it does not control you. CBT or cognitive behavoural therapy is another  option which is widely gaining popularity with mental health professionals. (We  will cover CBT in another article) You may feel your anxiety is beyond help and  a frightening disorder which you have no control over. Please be assured there  is a way to conquer your fears, it is possible to cure anxiety and panic attacks  if you work hard at it and accept the right help when offered you will be able  to come through this episode of your life and your anxiety will become a thing  in your distant memory.

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