Can Vitamins Help To Control And Relieve Anxiety?

Anxiety and panic are the most common types of mental health disorders in the world today with panic disorders thought to account for over 70% of all diagnosed anxiety conditions. There are a various types of anxiety and panic disorders with most being linked by extreme fear and excessive worry. Sufferers with severe anxiety or panic are often unable to go about their daily activities as normal and are often not able to work, attend social gatherings or even leave the house because of their irrational fear and worry.

There are several treatments available to help control and relieve anxiety and panic disorders including medication and talking therapies. Doctors will often prescribe a combination of both anti-anxiety medication and therapy such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy.

Often overlooked in the treatment of these disorders is the benefit of vitamins in managing and relieving the symptoms of anxiety and/or panic. Below is a list of vitamins and minerals known to be effective in helping to control and relieve anxiety.


  • Vitamin C – probably the best known vitamin, it helps the immune system to function better, improving physical and therefore mental health.


  • B Complex vitamins – including thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic and folic acid. The B vitamins are essential for the manufacture of chemical messengers in the brain known as neurotransmitters. Thiamine is especially beneficial for people who suffer panic attacks, anxiety and depression symptoms.


  • Magnesium – this mineral works by helping muscle relaxation, the more relaxed a person is the less likely they are to feel anxious.


  • Calcium – helps to promote calm during anxious periods.


  • Tryptophan – an amino acid thought to have excellent calming and soothing properties whilst also helping to enhance the nervous system.


  • Coenzyme Q10 – excellent anti-oxidant properties and also acts to improve the oxygen delivery to tissues.


  • Alpha-linolenic acid – an omega 3 acid thought to have significant benefits to anxiety sufferers when taken regularly, many people have claimed improvements from omega 3 supplementation.

There are many more vitamins and minerals which may be of benefit to anxiety and panic sufferers but the above list is an good starting point if you are considering supplementing your diet naturally with the aim of relieving your anxiety and panic symptoms. It may be possible to find an excellent multi-vitamin and mineral supplement which will give you the daily recommended amounts of all the above which would mean just having a single supplement each day.

If you have been prescribed anti-anxiety medication from your family doctor then check with them first before supplementing your diet with vitamins to be sure there will be no adverse effects of combining medication and supplements.


© Andrew Tudor Jones