Common Symptoms Of Depression

Today I want to list some of the symptoms of depression.

It is estimated that at least 10 per cent of the worlds population are  suffering with the effects of depression at any given time. Depression is a  serious illness that affects everyone in different ways but almost always  disrupts everyday living and can cause deep rifts in families.

The symptoms of depression can be varied and the severity of the disorder can  change over time. It can be passed down in families or can occur following life  changes such as a serious illness, bereavement etc.

Statistics show that more women than men suffer with depression and this  could be attributed to hormones, menopause etc.

Here are the 10 most common symptoms of a depressive disorder in no  particular order.

1. A feeling of helplessness and lack of ability to focus on everyday events.
2. A deep feeling of sadness, emptiness or becoming extremely anxious.
3.  Inability to get a good nights sleep developing into extreme insomnia.
4. A  total lack of energy and a feeling of constant fatigue.
5. Unexplained weight  gain or weight loss, alongside loss of appetite or comfort eating.
6. Being  very irritable, having a short fuse and restlessness.
7. Physical symptoms  such as headaches, chronic pain or digestive upsets.
8. Thoughts of self  harm, brooding on the negative aspects of life.
9. A feeling of extreme guilt  with no sense of self worth, feeling helpless.
10. Being overwhelmed with  hopelessness and a feeling of constant pessimism.

If you are experiencing any or all of the above symptoms then do visit your  family doctor first, he will be able to rule out any underlying medical  conditions, can prescribe medication or suggest therapy to help you through your  illness.
If your doctor feels it is necessary he will refer you to a  specialist such as a consultant psychiatrist or perhaps a psychologist.  Treatment could include medication, therapy and lifestyle changes.

© Andrew Tudor Jones