Counteracting Anxiety Attacks

Today the subject covered is Counteracting Anxiety Attacks.

Life can sometimes be very hard on us causing us to feel totally out of  control.

Things may be going well for us and we may feel we are coping very well with  everyday life in general and then out of the blue comes something unexpected  which throws us into a full blown anxiety/panic attack. We need to learn to be  aware of the symptoms before they hit so that we can take action to counteract  the anxiety attack.

An anxiety or panic attack can be brought on by many different things and  will affect everyone in different ways. A certain event which may send one  person spiraling into an attack may be handled with relative ease by another, so  we need to recognise what are our own personal triggers and therefore be better  prepared when an anxiety attack raises it’s head.

Anxiety attacks are a normal part of every day life and may be caused by  numerous varying circumstances, perhaps health issues are your number 1 trigger  for an attack or maybe financial difficulties sends you spiraling down to a full  blown attack. Once we know our personal triggers we can learn how to counteract  an impending attack.

I have personally found that one of the most helpful ways to counteract an  anxiety or panic attack is if possible to immediately remove yourself from the  situation that may trigger an attack, so if your attack may be triggered in a  public place such as a supermarket then just walking outside and taking some  deep breaths may be enough to stop the attack in it’s tracks.

Also taking time to be active in your everyday life is an enormous aid to  counteracting your anxiety, you will find the more exercise you take the less  you will become stressed by the little unimportant things in your life. In my  experience it is often the small insignificant things in life that can lead to  big anxiety and panic episodes so keep mind and body occupied and leave no time  for dwelling on the unimportant stresses.

You will find your life will become a lot more manageable if you can learn to  recognise the triggers and take action to counteract the attack before it  happens.

© Andrew Tudor Jones