Dealing With Depression Naturally

Today’s subject is “How To Treat Depression Naturally”

Depression is a condition which affects primarily the mind although can also  manifest itself in physical symptoms too,  it will often leave a sufferer with  feelings of hopelessness,  inability to focus and lack of ambition.  If the  condition is left untreated it will adversely affect family life,  education and  friendships.  Sufferers need to consult a mental health professional to obtain  the correct diagnosis and if felt necessary intervention in the form of  medication.  Mild cases of depression can be treated solely with natural  treatments avoiding the need for anti-depressant medication.

Therapy is one way of restoring the balance in your life which has been upset  by depressive symptoms.  Seeking help from people who have been through a  similar condition to what you are experiencing will be able to help by providing  a support system to discuss symptoms and develop techniques to overcome feelings  of depression.  Quite often just talking can help alleviate stress which may be  a major cause of your condition.

Therapy which involves expressing oneself can be a positive way to articulate  emotion and deep feelings.  Martial arts for example teaches self awareness,   focus and control which can all benefit someone suffering from depression.   Dance is also a great outlet for this along with other taught movement  therapies.  Art can also be used as a form of therapy,  whether it is painting,   sculpting or any other variation it can help to expose feelings in a healing  way.

Relaxation will also help a person to focus and gain a sense of serenity.   For some yoga is an excellent form of exercise because it involves the body,   mind and spirit.  Meditation will also be of a great benefit,  it reduces the  heart rate and clears the mind,  allowing for more focussed thoughts and helping  to relax and unwind.  Acupuncture has also grown in popularity as a method of  helping to deal with depression,  by using various pressure points it is thought  to have a calming effect restoring a healthier balance.  Hypnosis is another way  of getting to the core reasons of why someone is feeling depressed.

Changes to our diet and the use of various natural supplements has also been  proved to be helpful in treating a depressive illness.  Adding fish oil,  B  vitamins and zinc to our diet may help the body regulate chemicals that trigger  depression.

Exercise is also a very important factor in beating depression,  keeping  active helps to rejuvenate the body promoting a healthier lifestyle.  Working  out several times a week will help to calm the senses whilst at the same time  invigorating the body.

Depression does not have to be a debilitating illness,  by making a few  changes to our daily routine we will help to promote a sense of well being which  in turn will help to ward off symptoms of depression.

© Andrew Tudor Jones