How To Deal With Panic Attacks – 4 Simple Tips

Suffering a panic attack is very, very frightening, extremely uncomfortable and can feel like you are not able to breathe and that you will pass out and die, you are not alone in thinking this can actually happen, millions of people around the world have these same attacks and thoughts every day.


So, dealing with a panic attack can be exceptionally difficult and not only do you have to be able to cope when an attack actually occurs you also have to be able to deal with panicking about having another panic attack.


I am going to give you 4 simple tips that may go a long way in helping you learn how to deal with a panic disorder. If you practise these tips daily then they will reduce your chances of suffering that dreaded next panic attack. Do not wait for the next attack to happen before using these suggestions, they need to be part of your daily routine to gain the most benefit from them.



  • Start a daily diary: Note down any symptoms of panic that may occur, the time of day, where you were and what you were doing at the time. This will in time  build up into a really useful reference manual which will help you to determine what thoughts, things and places are your triggers for an attack.


  • Cut  out smoking and drinking caffeinated drinks: I know this may be difficult for you to comply with but these substances are proven to make anxiety and panic worse. If you feel you cannot cut them out completely then start ona reduction plan and stick to it until your body no longer craves these drugs. Just imagine how much healthier your whole body would be without nicotine invading every crevice, do you really look forward to the day you are told you have lung cancer due to your smoking? I think not.


  • Employ correct breathing techniques: During a panic or extreme anxiety attack your breathing changes from it’s normal rhythm, your heart beats much faster, you feel you cannot breathe and that you are having a heart attack or stroke and that you will die from this. You will not die, it is not a heart attack, you are hyperventilating and when you breathe slowly and take long deep breathes you will correct the imbalance and your attack will start to subside. Practice deep slow breathing on a daily basis, aybe consider something like yoga which can teach you the correct way to breathe and be very relaxing at the same time.


  • Relaxation: Take time out each day for yourself, your time to unwind, de-stress and pamper yourself. Maybe meditation would suit you or perhaps you would prefer a hobby that you could do alone or with a group, whichever feels best for you as long as it takes you away from the stresses of the day on a regular basis if only for a short time. You will soon come to realise the benefits of this in that you will feel less stressed and more able to cope with what life continually throws at you.


It may take you some time to incorporate these tip into your daily life, do not worry, it is not a race, slowly but surely will get you there.