How To Treat Depression – Is There An easy Way?

If you have recently started to feel depressed and this a new experience for you or you have only had depressive feelings very rarely in the past then there could be an easy way for you to deal with this episode in your life.

Let me clarify what exactly I mean by “easy” here, as you are probably aware not many things in life are ever easy but what I am talking about here is that there are things you can try yourself before resorting to a visit to the family doctor and coming away with a prescription for an anti-depressant medication. However if you are in a deep depression and cannot see any way out of it then you do need to visit your doctor now or in an emergency dial 911 (999), whatever your country’s emergency number is.


By making some small manageable changes to your lifestyle you can actually make a big difference to the way you may be feeling at the moment. Perhaps it would help if you were to make some daily or weekly goals, things you would like to accomplish that would make you feel good about yourself, it will be very difficult to feel depressed and good about yourself at the same time, try it and see. A word of advice here, make sure you initially keep your goals small and achievable at first, you can move onto bigger goals as you progress. If you aim too high with your goal and fail to reach that height then you will almost certainly take a step back towards depression, who doesn’t feel depressed when they fail at something?


Here are a few suggestions you may want to try:


  • Pick a small room in your house that needs a spring clean maybe or perhaps you haven’t sorted out that linen cupboard (closet) in a long time and it is in dire need of a reorganisation. Take your time, re-arrange the order, throw out old items you haven’t used in a long time, perhaps give them to  a charity if they are still in good condition. Then stand back and admire your work. Not only did you take your mind off your depression while you where doing this you now have the tidiest closet in the neighbourhood. By the way this works for men too not just the ladies, so come on guys, try it.


  • Exercise is one of the most powerful ways to counteract depressive feelings, it has  a direct impact on the mood changing chemicals in your brain. Start slowly, especially if you haven’t exercised for a long time and do see your doctor first if you have any medical condition that may be worsened by exercise or if you haven’t had a check up in some time. A daily walk isa great way to start, you need to keep it up and make it a habit. You may prefer cycling or swimming or decide to take up a sport. Not only will your depression improve but your overall physical health will see great benefits too.


  • Continually watching bad news on television or reading about it in newspapers makes anyone feel down and depressed but if you are prone to depression then these things can be a major trigger for you and will keep the circle of depression going, making it much harder for you to improve and feel good about yourself. Make a point of avoiding news for a week and see how much better you feel. You don’t need to cut yourself off from what’s happening in the world, just cut down on the time spent dwelling on the bad things that are going on, perhaps     have a catch up once a week and then clear it out of your mind, much bad news is repeated daily on all the bulletins and listening to it over and over again will only act to re-enforce your low mood.


  • Try to fill your day with uplifting things such as soothing music, positive thinking, inspiring movies, plenty of fresh air and good healthy food and exercise and you will begin to feel much better about yourself and your surroundings.


Remember, every journey in life begins with just one step, resolve to make that step today and you will be on the way to a much happier and healthier life, a life you deserve, you can do it, just make the decision today and you will be well on your way.