Panic And Anxiety Gone

Panic And Anxiety Gone is written by Edward Golding, who provides a guaranteed 4 step holistic system to stop panic in it’s tracks and eliminate unhelpful anxiety for good. Edward is a former chronic panic sufferer, so knows first hand how disrupting anxiety attacks can be.

Well organised in a 100 page book along with a number of bonus books. Panic and Anxiety Gone teaches you how to control your anxiety attacks by discovering and examining the triggers relevant to you. Also touched on are herbal remedies such as tea’s, oils etc and therapies such as acupuncture.

Purchasers will receive:

The main Book “Panic And Anxiety Gone”     This is a 100 page guide which gives a long term approach to managing the cause of your anxiety and panic disorder. This is very detailed and covers all aspects including, why you feel anxious, how to halt that anxiety and how to stop a panic attack in it’s tracks. Also covers alternative therapies as well as the medical options.

Extra e-book “Speak Easy” A guide to public speaking, full of techniques to help you become confient in public speaking.

Extra e-book “The Silent Killer- Stress” This book will help you understand your stress, see how it is affecting your life and your health and you will discover techniques to reduce stress permanently.

Extra e-book “Build Your Confidence” How to develop the skills you need to live confidently day by day, essential for an anxiety free existance.

Extra e-book ” Understanding Depression” Put an end to suffering from this disorder, how to get your life back.

The course also has an 8 week money back guarantee.

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