Panic Attacks!

A Panic Attack is a fear of losing control or impending disaster. These attacks can often start in early adulthood or even the teenage years. It is not known why but research shows that more women than men will succumb to Anxiety Attacks.

This disorder can sometimes run in families or maybe start following a family bereavement or other stressful event. The attacks can occur at any time which is why people dread the anticipation of the next attack.

The symptoms of a Panic Attack can last for minutes or longer and can mimic the symptoms of a serious condition with the sufferer feeling they may be having a heart attack. Recognised symptoms are: sweating, dizziness or faintness, pounding heart, nausea or stomach upset. Along with the physical symptoms a person will have a feeling of being out of control, restless, repeated tension with an intense worry about the next attack and when or where it will come.

A person with a panic disorder will be discouraged from taking part in the normal everyday routines and the disorder can interfere with work or school.

Points to remember are that you are not alone, worldwide there are millions of men and women who go through the exact same struggle everyday of their lives and also many, many of these people will come through their pain and conquer Panic Attacks and free themselves to live a normal life. Self help for Anxiety will take some time and require some work but it is completely possible to free yourself from this debilitating disorder.