Panic Away

Panic Away was created by Joe Barry, who also used to suffer from frequent anxiety attacks as well as generalized anxiety disorder. He came up with this method called the ‘One Move Technique’. His method can be used anywhere, by anyone, whatever the levels of anxiety. It works for those who have had their first anxiety or panic attack or those who have been suffering with anxiety for many years.

The One Move Technique teaches the sufferer that they no longer need to be afraid of another panic attack. Psychologists agree that when a person has anxiety of a certain situation, they may suffer from a panic attack. This person then fears that specific location or event. When they find themselves in a similar situation, they fear the onset of an attack and essentially cause themselves to have an anxiety attack in the process.

Other anxiety cures just provide a book that you read through, with a few “I’ll be okay” mantras to state and they expect you to be 100% cured. Panic Away can be used anywhere to stop a panic attack in it’s tracks and prevent them from returning. You can also stay medication free, away from those horrible side effects.

The Panic Away program is safe for anyone and everyone and has no side effects other than getting major results.


This product can easily be used by anyone, no matter your medical history, or your severity of anxiety. If you want to make a positive change to your life, then Panic Away is the product for you. Learning to break the fear of the next anxiety attack will help you gain complete freedom from anxiety. Panic Away offers just what anxiety sufferers need because it takes just seconds to implement and can be done anywhere you happen to be.



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