The Pro’s And Con’s Of Taking A Tranquiliser For Anxiety And Panic

Mllions of people worldwide experience the fear of anxiety and panic at some time during their lives, unfortunately for some sufferers it is a lifelong disorder and affects their everyday lives to a large extent.

For many of these people medication is the only relief from their symptoms. One drug proven to be effective in dealing with anxiety and panic is diazepam, also known as valium, during the seventies this drug was often called “The Happy Pill” because of it’s ability to calm and relax the person taking it. However as with all medication there are advantages and disadvantages to taking it, along with the calming effect of the drug there are side effects which are not so welcome.

Listed below are some of the benefits of taking diazepam and also some of the less welcome effects or disadvantages of being on this medication.


  • Acts fast to bring about a calm and relaxed feeling


  • Can be taken before a stressful situation helping the sufferer to deal with his or her anxious feelings and therefore enable them to cope better with the circumstance


  • Taken before retiring to bed will relax a person and help bring on sleepiness thus warding off insomnia


  • Has now been proven to be addictive or habit forming, if taken in large doses or over an extended period of time the effects diminish and a higher dose is needed to obtain the same benefit of the medication


  • Because of dependency developing over time the person taking the drug will almost certainly suffer acute withdrawal symptoms if a decision is made to come off the medication


  • Can cause drowsiness or dizziness in some people


  • Has slow elimination and so accumulates in the body over time


  • Diazepam is hard on the kidneys and the liver and can take its toll over time – people with liver or kidney disease will not be prescribed diazepam


Diazepam can be an extremely helpful medication for people suffering extreme anxiety and panic symptoms but because of the side effects and possible long term dependency should only be taken whilst under the care of a doctor or psychiatrist and the prescribed dosage should be strictly adhered to. Normally you will be advised not to consume alcohol whilst taking diazepam as mixing the two can cause serious issues and even trigger fits or epileptic attacks. Diazepam will not usually be prescribed to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers as it easily passes to the baby and can cause harm or addiction.


© Andrew Tudor Jones