Treating Anxiety Naturally – 3 Herbal Remedies Known To Help Anxiety Sufferers

Out of all the recognized mental health disorders, anxiety is known to be the most widespread affecting millions of people every year. There are known to be more than 20 million people in the United States alone who suffer some kind of anxiety disorder, the figures worldwide must be astronomical. An anxiety disorder is characterised by extreme and lasting symptoms which drastically affect the day to day living of the sufferer as opposed to temporary situational anxiety which everyone will experience during their lives at some point, perhaps before giving a talk to a gathering or taking part in amateur dramatic production for example.

There are numerous different types of anxiety disorders recognised by the medical profession and while most people will experience symptoms individual to themselves there are some common symptoms which are present in nearly all anxiety disorders. Two of these symptoms are extreme feelings of dread and constant fear, most people who suffer any of the anxiety disorders will recognise these two symptoms as being a major part of their disorder.

There are many prescribed medications for anxiety disorders, some aimed solely at anxiety and others which tend to have been developed for the treatment of depression but have been found to be helpful in the treatment of anxiety too. Whilst these medications are all tried and tested as with all chemical preparations there are side effects to deal with. For anyone wishing to try a natural route to treating their anxiety disorder there are some herbal preparations which have been found to be effective in producing positive results without the side effects associated with prescribed medication.

Listed below are 3 herbal preparations proven to help ease the symptoms of an anxiety disorder.


  • Lemon Balm : this ingredient reduces blood pressure, calms the digestive system and a restorative for the nervous system. it is also used to treat insomnia and mild depression.


  • Passion Flower : is calming and soothing and regularly used to bring relief to anxiety sufferers, reduces nervousness and tremors, calms hyperactivity and helps with insomnia.


  • Lavendar : is a popular ingredient for treating a number of conditions, including most anxiety disorders, is well known for it’s calming properties which makes it an effective treatment for people who suffer panic attacks.

These are all natural ingredients that have been used for thousands of years by many generations and ancestors so are definitely worth a try if you want to avoid if possible the side effects of chemical preparations.

You should always take the advice of your family doctor regarding your individual circumstances, perhaps he or she may be happy to try talking therapies alongside the herbal remedies as a first port of call in treating your anxiety.


© Andrew Tudor Jones