Ways To Ease Anxiety And Depression

Today I want to cover Ways to Ease Anxiety and Depression.

1. We all watch way too much negativity on television, or read nothing but  bad news in daily newspapers. We get a daily fix of scandal, corruption, crime,  war and natural disasters and very little positive, feel good content. Make a  determined effort to turn off the bad news and turn on good news and happy  content in our lives. We will not miss the bad news and we will feel much more  positive in our daily lives.

2. Make a determined effort to stop beating yourself up. Self depreciation is  a huge part of our anxiety and depression. Stop telling your inner self that you  are useless, stupid, boring and a loser, these words are very powerful and they  will hurt you. Accept that you are not perfect and that you can and do make  mistakes, just like every other human being on this planet, then just be happy  being you.

3. Regular Exercise will go a long way in helping to ease your anxiety and  depression. It provides you with a break from dwelling on life’s little  problems. The endorphins released will give your system a natural boost, you  will start to feel and look better and if you feel good about yourself  physically then it will rub off on your mental attitude too.

4. Do not isolate yourself in your own little world, this will only allow you  time to think about how big and insurmountable your problems seem to be, this is  not reality. Take a daily walk perhaps, join a group or volunteer for a charity  etc. When you do find yourself home alone use your time constructively, occupy  your mind with a hobby perhaps or study an online or open university course.  Using your mind for positive actions leaves no time for your mind to use you  negatively.

5. If you are working long hours at a stressful job or business then learn to  take regular breaks during your day. Working all day without a regular break is  a sure fire way to increase your stress and anxiety. Take morning and afternoon  breaks and always try to take a full lunch break preferably away from the work  location.

Following the above steps will help you relieve stress, anxiety and  depression.

© Andrew Tudor Jones