What Is Depression ?

Depression is a mixture of physical and psychological symptoms. Both of these  symptoms have decreased activity levels in the brain. Sadness (or low moods) is  often the most prevalent symptom. A person suffering with depression will have  one or more of these symptoms: sadness, pessimism, irritability, lack of  interest in activities, thoughts of being inferior to the norm, slowness of  digestion and many more. It can either be a serious disorder making a sufferer  unable to work or take part in daily activities or a mild disease causing only  limited annoyance to daily life. Depression occurs in all ages, from children  through to grandparents.

Causes of Depression.

Two or more factors can combine to cause the symptoms of depression, it can  be stand alone disease or also can be part of another condition. (i.e. anxiety)  Reactive depression is a result of physical struggle or psychological stress,  perhaps with prolonged lack of rest or sleep for an extended time period.  Endogenous depression can be when the cause of the disorder is not that of  reactive depression but can maybe be put down to an inherited condition when one  or more of the parents also suffered the same symptoms throughout their  lives.

Depression or the symptoms of can sometimes point to physical disease. i.e.  we suffer a physical condition such as cancer, heart disease etc, we then worry  over the physical symptoms and end up being depressed.

Serious depression is often treated with anti-depressant medications. There  are many different types of medication which all work in different ways to bring  about the same outcome, relief from our condition. We will cover medication in  more detail in future newsletters.

Therapy is often used alongside medication or sometimes for mild depression  instead of medications.

Lifestyle changes can often be sufficient to cure depression before a serious  illness develops. Adjustments may include, slowing down and avoiding stressful  situations, sufficient rest and sleep, exercise and a good diet with vitamin and  mineral supplements where needed.

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